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Peter D. Flannel of New York

I am a writer, professional vagabond, and suffering from abstrusism. I find solace in music, film, literature of all sorts and winter is where it is.


best new ap 😬

Miranda Kerr at my studio #4


Miranda Kerr at my studio #4

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“My Musical History
When I was 15, I was introduced to hard core which taught me listen to the instruments over the lyrics.
At 16 I got into Hair metal, I fell in love with each instruments contributions to a symphony of euphoric sound.
At 17 I got into Indie rock which reminded me lyrics can change the world, and instruments can be fun and psychedelic.
At 18 I fell in love with Hip Hop, contributing to the change lyrics can bring to people, I related in a way never before.
At 19 Instrumentals and tripHop stole my heart. I believe this could best explain my intense history mashed in one.
At 20 I dabble in all, and pay respect to my musical teachers which for the most part have been my lovers.”

—   Demi Vera

Next time someones offers me a grilled cheese sandwich,

I’m going to say,

"Yes, yes I’d like a toasted cheese sandwich."

beef patty season