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Peter D. Flannel of New York

Writer and professional vagabond.

I find solace in music, film, literature of all sorts and winter is where it is.


"Now and then; a very short story"

"I always wanted a photo of us" he pleaded.
For more then half a decade, she stood behind it.
“we can’t. I can’t…” as she playfully grabbed a blanket, shirt, whatever she could to cover her face.

they both grew apart; living their own lives that is.

Now, he sees her.
He sees her with him and the blanket aside of them.

A very short story of now and then.

Jim Croce - New York's Not My Home

Track: New York’s Not My Home

Artist: Jim Croce

Album: You Don’t Mess Around With Jim


i work today,

Action Bronson - Easy Rider

Track: Easy Rider

Artist: Action Bronson

Album: Mr. Wonderful

I, myself even hide.

And I’m still discovering for what purpose.

I’ve been told I don’t show love to whom I’m suppose too.

she even lets him call her a comicbook characters name,

she’s that kinda everything girl,